Please be aware that your property taxes will continue to increase if you take no action and allow our elected officials to TAX US TO DEATH!

State Homeowners Tax Relief Grant ‘HRTG’ will NOT be funded this year

Be aware that earlier this year, representatives in the Georgia Legislature passed a measure that cuts the funding for the Homeowner’s Tax Relief Grant. This bill was enacted into law when it was signed by Governor Perdue this spring. When you look at your property tax bill, you will see how much this grant reduced your property tax burden.  Typically this will add an additional $200-$300 in taxes owed per homeowner.

Taxpayers Call to Action! Attend Meetings – Call Officials!

Board of Commissioners: 770-920-7357 Call Now!

SPLOST Meeting: July 28 – 10am 3rd Floor Court House – Hospital Dr.

SPLOST & Bond Referendum: For the third time in three years the Douglas County Board of Commissioners are seeking a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). Sale tax dropped 1% on July 1, 2007 when the SPLOST ended. The sales tax in Douglas County is now 6% thanks to voters rejecting two SPLOST referendums (2006/2007).

The next step in the SPLOST ballot process is for the county to meet with the cities of Douglasville, Villa Rica and Austell. Commission chairman Tom Worthan said the referendum will consist of a $130 million Jail/Prison. It is unknown at this time if the cities will ask for projects to be added to the ballot or if the county can restrict the cities from placing capitol projects on the ballot.

The intergovernmental meeting is scheduled for July 28 – 10AM in the conference room on the third floor of the court house. This meeting is open to the public and media. The tax vote will be on the November ballot according to Tom Worthan.

Some of the commissioners have expressed concerns about the tax increase. Commissioner David Latham said he was concerned about road project halting due to the SPLOST and the cost to maintain and operate the new facility. Latham voted “NO” to the resolution setting up the meetings. Freddie Ashmon and Mike Mulcare seemed to lack enthusiasm over the tax and stated they wanted to be sure they are doing what the public wants. With voters rejecting the SPLOST twice it would seem the message is clear. NO MORE TAXES!

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Special Election scheduled for Sept 15th

Sunday Liquor-by-the-Drink Vote: September 15 Special Election

The BOC is calling for a September 15 special election to allow Sunday liquor sales in un-incorporated Douglas County. The special election will cost taxpayers over $42,000. DCTC spoke to the commission on July 7th concerning the cost of the election verses waiting 50 day for the November ballot.

When questioned about the date, newly elected commissioner Kelly Robinson said “there is too much noise on the November ballot. It should be considered on its own merit”. DCTC has concerns about the actual reason the BOC is calling the vote at taxpayer’s expense.

The Worthan said the cost could be recouped by fee generated from the liquor sales. DCTC pointed out that might be true only if the referendum passes. If it fails, the BOC has wasted $45,000 in tax dollars. It’s a gamble!

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Douglas County School Board: 770-651-2000 Call Now!

Property Tax Increase!

Public Hearings July 20, 7:30am & 7:00pm – July 27 6:30pm

The Board of Education intends to raise property millage rate for bond debt service. According to published reports the millage increase from 1.35 to 3.0 or $69 for a $100.000 home according to BOE.

Board chairman Jimmy Bartlett wanted to increase the M&O millage rate, but after much debate the board opted to only increase the bond debt millage.

We were told that if voter did not approve the last $150 million bond, the BOE will have to increase property taxes to cover spending. The bond was passed and now taxes are increasing to cover the debt payment.


DCTC warned the public that if bonds and SPLOST taxes passed, property taxes would increase due to the additional expenses and debt service associated with these building projects.

We hope the public will learn from this experience and reject these massive spending projects in the future.

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City of Douglasville:

30.85% Property Tax Increase –

Meetings July 15th 10am & 6pm and July 23, 5:30pm

The City of Douglasville has tentatively adopted a millage rate which will increase property taxes by 30.85 percent. All concerned citizens are invited to the public hearing on this tax increase to be held in Douglasville City Hall, 6695 Church St.July 15th 2009 10am – 6pm and July 23 at 5:30pm.

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